You're Russian and Don't Heed My Warning

Your country will be invaded by Germany within 10 years.  It won't be a land invasion like in WW2.  Your army will lay down their arms and allow the Jidahists from Germany to merely walk into your country like the Nazi's did in Austria. Your army will not fight as most of your soldiers and officers will be Jihadists themselves by then.  Your animosity towards Ukraine is unbelievable as, basically, you're the same people.  The Ukrainians are your best friends, but you don't even know it and instead of helping you try to hurt them.  What have they ever done to harm Russia?  History proved that the bully is the one who always gets killed in the end.  When Europe falls to the Jihadists do you really think that they won't be looking to the North and East? Wake the hell up!
Ignorance is bliss, but only to your enemies.


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